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BSc In Human Resource Management image

BSc In Human Resource Management

Successful leaders see personnel as assets meriting conscientious management in tune ...

MBA (Master of Business Administration) image

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

This MBA programme will set you on a great career at senior managerial level. Th...

Counselling Psychology Skills Development image

Counselling Psychology Skills Development

This course, Counselling Psychology Skills Development is designed to prepare you for...

Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP®) image

Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP®)

The most successful companies have dedicated employees, produce highly desired produc...

Direct Contact Service Professional (DCSP®) image

Direct Contact Service Professional (DCSP®)

What does it mean to be a certified Direct Contact Service Professional? It means tha...

Foundations of Manufacturing Management image

Foundations of Manufacturing Management

Explore how manufacturing strategy informs manufacturing process choices. Describe th...

Certified Customer Service Excellence (CCSE®) image

Certified Customer Service Excellence (CCSE®)

The Certified Customer Service Excellence program focuses on the essential skills and...

MBA in Energy Management image

MBA in Energy Management

The global energy sector poses many challenges to the business world – and will...

BSc in Logistics image

BSc in Logistics

Logistics may not always receive the recognition it deserves, but it is being increas...

MBA in Human Resource Management image

MBA in Human Resource Management

This exciting MBA will equip you to become a top Human Resource Manager. Successful l...

MBA in Health Units Management image

MBA in Health Units Management

The MBA in Health Units Management will equip you with the knowledge and skills neces...

BSc in Marketing Science image

BSc in Marketing Science

The  BSc in Marketing Science offers a broad yet solid and thorough introduction...




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Skills are rapidly changing. On-demand and on-the-job learning is the only way to keep up the pace. Our courses are designed to develop and empower teams with professional skills needed to do the job. We leverage on our partners’ expertise and knowledge to inform the courses we develop now and for the future to keep employees focused.

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Online learning with Pan Africa Skills could be the answer to the business challenges your learning and development team may be facing. From customer service courses, to supply chain and human resource management, we’ll work with you to develop your teams into top level professionals using highly curated learning programs.

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Our marketplace content model ensures that we always have the most recent and high-quality content that makes learning enjoyable. We’ll always have the latest skills courses on the most important topics your employees need to stay ahead of the curve.

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