BSc In Human Resource Management

Course Overview

Successful leaders see personnel as assets meriting conscientious management in tune with the organisation’s needs, not as units that need to be controlled. The most competitive and well- run organisations are working hard to recruit able individuals and to ensure that their employees remain with them.

Over the last few years, companies and executives around the world have come to fully acknowledge the important role that managing human resources can play in the success of a business. Our BSc in Human Resource Management will prepare you for a career as an HR Manager.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, you will have gained the knowledge, skills, and expertise to become an effective HR Manager and to direct human resources towards the strategic vision of your company. You will have developed the strategic skills and thinking to become an organisational change agent and you will have prepared well on how to effectively manage day-to-day operational needs.

As is the case with all of our management programmes, our BSc in Human Resource
Management pays a strong emphasis on the basic theories of Marketing, ensuring that you never lose sight of the marketing side of the business.

One of our distinguishing features is that at the end of each year of our three-year Bachelor programmes we award separate certificates. This ensures that even if you start a degree and opt out a year in, you will still have left with a certificate in your hand.

On successful completion of Year 1, you will be awarded the Diploma in Marketing Management. On successful completion of Year 2, you will be awarded the Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management. Finally, upon successful completion of Year 3, you will be awarded the Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management.

Core Modules for each year

Year 1

1. Marketing Management
2. Economics
3. Business Organisation
4. Statistics
5. Business English
6. Business Law

Year 2

1. Human Resource Management
2. Consumer Behaviour
3. Computers & Information Systems
4. Occupational Safety & Health
5. Productivity & Total Quality Management
6. Market Research

Year 3

1. Strategic HRM Planning
2. Managing Employee Performance
3. Ethical Issues & Employee Rights
4. Relationship Marketing
5. Executive Skills
6. Public Relations


Written exam (unseen) - 100%

Mode of Study

Distance Learning/Online


The degree is awarded by the Cyprus Institute of Marketing (Global Business University-Europe)

Note: The fees indicated is not net as other charges e.g. registration,examination,  exemption fees etc. are charged separately.Before applying please ensure you have the net fees charged for the course.

Price: $6,200

This Course includes:

   Text-based content

   3 Years