Certified Customer Service Excellence (CCSE®)

Course Overview

The Certified Customer Service Excellence program focuses on the essential skills and techniques that make customer service better. The program helps build cognitive and effective empathy skills and trains participants to deliver customer service excellence as part of the wider organisational goal of improving customer service and customer advocacy.

This program goes beyond providing reasons why customer service is important to defining proven methods for creating customer service excellence. Using a hands-on approach, it covers a wide range of knowledge and skills and offers an extensive collection of activities to enliven and invigorate the learning. The course features a module on technology, and coverage of the latest trends in the customer service field. Focusing on problem solving, communication strategies and technology, this course pinpoints the skills needed to improve and sustain customer satisfaction and business relationships.

One Test = Two Customer Service Excellence Certifications

We’ve partnered with Cambridge International College (CIC),Britain, a world leader in professional education and qualifications, to provide online learning and a top-tier exam. When you complete the Certified Customer Service Excellence program, you will become dually certified with PASC and CIC with two credentials: Certified Customer Service Excellence and the Executive Certificate in Customer Service Excellence.

Learning Objectives

After completion of this program, you will:-
  • Understand the importance of creating great customer experiences and what that means for both you and your organisation;
  • Understand that different customers have different expectations, and I have tools to engage customers with confidence;
  • Have skills to deal with challenging customers and feel confident that these situations can be handled in a structured and thoughtful way;
  • Explain the impact that high or low morale may have on an organization;
  • Have made a personal commitment to putting the customer at the heart of all you do;
  • Define leadership;
  • Perform a self-appraisal of your own leadership abilities;
  • Recognize customers’ expectations of service providers;
  • Explain some of the most rapidly advancing technologies that customers are seeking out;
  • Calculate churn rate, defection rate, and customer lifetime value;
  • Identify how to tell if you need to improve your customer retention;
  • Express the fundamental requirements of creating a successful customer service program; and
  • List the rewards of providing excellent customer service.

    Price: $435

    This Course includes:

       Text-based content

       12 Weeks