Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP®)

Course Overview

The most successful companies have dedicated employees, produce highly desired products and services and maintain a loyal customer base. But while your employees may be the best and brightest, and your products and services the greatest, without customers, you do not exist. Period. Unlike the movie Field of Dreams, if you build it, they may NOT come. Thus, in any industry, attracting and retaining customers is the primary job of every business.

This course focuses on the skills required to consistently deliver and manage excellence in customer service. By design, it is not a step-by-step outline, but instead explores the diverse topics integral to providing effective customer service. It is designed for anyone committed to putting the customer first—from the frontline customer service representative to the leader dedicated to developing and sustaining that all-important customer- centric culture.

The CCSP designation is designed for management-level professionals, including supervisors, managers, and directors, and focuses on not only customer interactions and the foundations of service, but also other pertinent topics such as planning, coaching, teaming, and HR practices.

The CCSP examination is administered online at the convenience of the learner upon application of the same.

Learning Objectives

On successful completion of this international certifcation you will have gained professional skills and knowlege to become an effective and successful customer service professional and be able to manage the function at the highest level in an organization.

Earning the CCSP designation elevates your standing in the discipline of customer service.

Getting certified as CCSP

  • Reflects your initiative to pursue a high standard of service excellence to current and future employers;
  • Demonstrates your willingness to be measured by those standards in your daily behavior;
  • Shows your desire and capacity to serve as a mentor and role model on customer service excellence;
  • Validates you as a true customer service professional providing excellence to all of your customers, internal and external;
  • May well help you get your next job with the recognition you deserve and benefits you desire; and
  • Improves efficiency both at work and at home as you interact with others with your newly enhanced customer service knowledge and skills.

You also show your colleagues, family and friends that each of us can continue to improve, which can encourage them in turn to invest in themselves and pursue their own personal or professional development goals.

Price: $550

This Course includes:

   Text-based content

   12 Weeks