Counselling Psychology Skills Development

Course Overview

This course, Counselling Psychology Skills Development is designed to prepare you for a role as a professional counselling psychology practitioner.

Counselling is a special kind of relationship and a helping process.Counselling is thus different from a friendly conversation and use of counselling skills.This is because the use of counselling skills does not necessarily make one a counsellor; instead, the use of counselling skills enhances communication and other interpersonal skills.The counsellor in the counselling relationship creates an enabling environment to enable the client explore their situation and circumstances.In the end the client is able to make appropriate and useful decisions, and subsquently make further adjustment in life.

The knowledge and skills you will derive from this course will enable you understand and appreciate counselling phychology as a profession that bestows value to human life.Such an understanding should help you offer invaluable professional support and service to all clients in need at both social and corporate settings.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you should be able to to:-

  • Define and explain the various terms and concepts that are used in counselling;
  • Explain the counselling process;
  • Adopt use of professional principles in counselling;
  • Assist in client therapy;
  • Monitor and evaluate the outcome of counselling; and
  • Interpret professional standards to practice of counselling phychology by adhering to a code of ethics in professional practice.

Price: $225

This Course includes:

   Text-based content